About Me

My name is Lauren.New Bitmap Image

My hobbies lie in collecting books, watching horror movies and taking constant photographs of my cat, Danny.

I live in Manchester, England.

I studied BSc Geology at the University of Glamorgan and graduated in 2010. Following that, I have volunteering and employment experience in various museums including:

National Museum Cardiff
Manchester Museum
Stockport Story Museum
Staircase House
The Curatorial Services, in Stockport
Salford Museum and Art Gallery
Museum of Wigan Life

For smaller, more regular updates follow me on Twitter : @LF_StockMus (Update: @Ren_Field87)

2 Responses to About Me

  1. samantha says:

    Lauren – Super excited to follow your blog, especially since I too attended Glamorgan for a year. Keep up the brilliant work!

    • lfstockmus says:

      Hey, Samantha! Thanks for following, I am looking forward to following you too, you keep an interesting blog there! Ah, Glamorgan, what a small world. Glam alumni for the win!

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