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Find it Friday! – Week 43. – TOP THREE!

This is the last official Find it Friday for a while as on Monday my current contract will end and I will no longer be part of the HLF’s Skills for the Future program. However, I am staying on with the curatorial services … Continue reading

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Find it Friday! – Week 42.

This week is the penultimate Find it Friday as I shall be leaving the Curatorial Services in less than two weeks. Due to this I am frantically trying to get all the current projects I have on the go completed. One of … Continue reading

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Meeting Foxes and Badgers at the library. AN UPDATE.

Unfortunately, in just over a month I will be leaving the curatorial services here in Stockport. This means that until that day I am going to be very busy with lots of ongoing projects (some huge and some not quite so huge) whilst still working … Continue reading

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Birds, a film set and fixing the world.

For this post I am briefly going to recap four projects from the past month. 1. Whilst reintroducing the pieces of the Vernon Park collection to the stores I came across a box of exotic birds that were merely identified as ‘birds’ on their corresponding records … Continue reading

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Conservation of two very different objects, in two very different ways.

Exhibitions are usually planned months, often years in advance and take a lot of work. Last week Katie S and I gave Bronwen a hand getting some paintings ready for a future exhibition that she is putting together. The paintings … Continue reading

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Find it Friday! – Week 4.

For Find it Friday this week I am going to be looking at the Red Fox and a beautiful example in our collection and some from various local, and not so local Museums. The Red Fox, Fox or Vulpes Vulpes is … Continue reading

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Bugs, Painting and Life on Mars.

Week 2 began with the disposal of the toilet from the Air Raid Shelters discussed HERE. Unfortunately, the quality was just too bad to reverse. The water had caused what appeared to be the initial stages of damp in the … Continue reading

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