Previous Posts

1. Disposals and Donations, Hellos and Goodbyes.
2. Air Raid Shelters Update!
3. She sells sea shells at Stockport Story Museum.
4. Interesting objects all round….
5. Lets talk about Enid Blyton.
6. Land of Hope and Glory!
7. This is a public service announcement!
8. A surprisingly large donation!
9. Coach trip!!
10. Exhibitions, donations and lessons learnt.
11. Meeting, meetings, meetings. Locations, locations, locations.
12. Conservation of two very different objects, in two very different ways.
13. Museum Minute.
14. Geology Fieldtrip! – Discover Geology AR.
15. Hidden Treasures. PART 1.
16. Visitors to the Collection.
17. Hidden Treasures. PART 2.
18. New Approaches to Collections Rationalisation. #MaSorted
19. Tours, Trips and Ghosts.
20. Records, Powerpoints and the most photographed woman in the world.
21. The Final instalment of Vernon Park.
22. MA Conference Liverpool 2013. #Musuems2013
23. Our Connected History – GMMG
24. Site Visits to Staircase House, Bramall Hall and Hatworks.
25. Creepy Crawlies in the Collection.
26. Moving on up: Secrets of the sucessful museum career. #MOU2014
27. Meeting Foxes and Badgers at the library.
28. Birds, a film set and fixing the world.
29. 11 questions to a museum blogger for #MuseumWeek
30. Encountering Corpses.
31. Meeting Foxes and Badgers at the library. AN UPDATE.
32. Making Headway.
33. Update – Just Checking In…

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