Find it Friday! – Week 37.

If you recall, in December last year I wrote:

“The GMMG (Greater Manchester Museums Group) is a partnership of eight Museum Services in the North West; Stockport, Salford, Oldham, Bolton, Bury, Tameside, Rochdale and Wigan. They have been working together as this group for over ten years to help bring their collections together, to unite them as an engaging and accessible collaboration for their own communities and each others. This allows each of the sites to showcase their collections on a much larger scale, to the people who can not actually visit their sites, to the larger population, nationally and indeed, globally.

Just recently paintings from the sites returned to the collections after being part of ‘Towards Modernity: Three Centuries of British Art’, an amazing exhibition that took these paintings and toured them around various museums around China. This exhibition proved to be so successful that it reached, in one way or another, 90 million people. View images and read more about this exhibition HERE.

But now the GMMG are working on another project, one named ‘Our Connected History’. Each of the 8 museums services have chosen 50 of their top objects. By top objects, we mean some of our objects that have intriguing and relevant histories, that show great captivating or educational qualities, and to be honest, some of the staffs favorite objects.

These 50 objects from our collection and the others will make a group of 400 objects that will be able to be viewed on the GMMG website. Each individual object will have a quality photograph, some even 3D rotating images, alongside information about what the object is and why it is important to us and to the collection. This information has been written by the curatorial staff, the very people who look after the objects, but this is not the only format information will be available in. Some members of the curatorial staff have been recorded talking about the objects too, allowing for you to learn and explore via an insight into the passion that goes in to looking after museum collections.

Greater Manchester has some amazing and stunning collections across its county, this project aims to bring them together and to address a diverse but common history; it’s very exciting!”

The website is now live!

The website is now live!

And so, this week, that website has gone live!

Our Connected History is now free for exploration and to be viewed by everyone, anywhere. Along side photographs you can also watch a video of our team leader Katie speaking about a collection of 6 Morris and Co stained glass windows that were originally made for the chapel at Cheadle Royal Hospital. (View it HERE.)

A few of the objects profiled have been past Find it Fridays, including:

– Horse Boots: HERE
– The Scolds Bridal: HERE
– The Rapping Hand: HERE

So you can now learn a little more of these on the new website, along side 47 other objects in our collection and 353 other objects from around Manchester.

It feels great to have been involved and to have seen this project grow from the beginning. From choosing the objects, writing the information to accompany them and having the photographer visit our site, seeing all that work come together on the final website is quite satisfying. I am always pushing to expose collections in various ways and this is an ideal platform for that.

I am very happy with the outcome and excited to explore the other collections chosen by the other museums!

Find the GMMG website HERE.
Our Connected History HERE, and Stockport’s collection HERE.

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