Find it Friday! – Week 31.

Christmas is upon us! And because of this, could this weeks Find it Friday have been anything but festive themed? Of course not. We have over 1000 Christmas objects in our collection and most of these are Christmas cards. This is a tiny amount when you think how many christmas cards must be sent at this time of year, and over the years; in fact, you could probably dedicate a whole museum to any number of christmas card themes, say, Cat Christmas cards?

As an avid ailurophile myself, some of my favourites in our christmas card collection are cat themed, showing beautiful illustrations and, quite frankly, adorable scenes! We have cards from as far back at the early 1800’s, in great conditions considering the time that has passed; the cat cards below are dated throughout the 19th century and the reign of Queen Victoria and some the 20th century, right up to the 1980s.

The cards were all donated or bequest to the collection but not at the same time or by the same donor. They are wonderful to have as they show the change in design throughout the years and are generally lovely, festive pieces to admire. Here are some of my favourites:

Most of the cards are blank inside or show the limited template “To…  From… xx” style of signature. However, the following example shows different. It’s not an awfully detailed message and doesn’t stray at all from the topic at hand, but it is still lovely to see such a styled, handwritten message in a christmas card that is roughly 100 years old!

Merry Christmas!

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